Be prepared for your mortgage appointment

Ensuring you have the correct documentation in preparation for your mortgage appointment will help the process run smoothly. Use our checklist to help you get prepared for your appointment. 

Your appointment checklist

1. Proof of identity

  • Form of identification for example a passport or driving licence

2. Proof of income

  • Employers’ details for the last 3 years including the name, address, telephone number and dates you were employed there)

  • 3 weeks’ or 3 months’ payslips

  • Latest P60 which is usually issued by your employer in April/May

  • Last 2 years’ copies of SA302s /audited accounts (if self-employed)

  • Bank statements (latest 3 months)

  • Your latest annual mortgage statement

  • Details of existing outgoings including details of other loan commitments

3. Proof of address

  • Your full address history (for the past 3 years)

  • Proof of residency (eg. utility bill or bank statement, within the past 3 months)

4. Additional information

  • Proof of deposit

  • Details of all existing personal and mortgage related insurance

  • Employment benefits (eg. sick pay, pensions, car allowance)

  • New property details (only if not buying a property through Intercounty)

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