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"You really took charge!"

I am very grateful for the way in which Julian took charge today – he committed a whole lot of time and effort on our behalf and that I truly appreciate.
This is, of course, in addition to all the time and effort you, Kate and Kathryn have put in over the last several months/years it is also very much appreciated.

Fine & Country - Hazlemere


I find Kathryn an absolute pleasure to work with and find her such a breath of fresh air. I am currently dealing with a wide range of estate agents and Kathryn really does stand out leagues above most of the rest. She actually listens to what you are looking for, then not only does she listen but she then also thinks outside the box for alternative options that may suit what you are looking for, not just throwing random rubbish at you. Other agents are either sending a lot of unsuitable properties our way or we simply don't hear from them and rely on right move. Kathryn gives you faith that if a house is coming on the market that is potentially suitable for your needs you will hear from her and she will get you in there to view. 

On the viewings themselves Kathryn is very informative and professional. She really walks you round a property and explains what it currently offers and what could be achieved in the future. It is amazing how many agents fail to do this. She is very friendly and really makes viewing properties a great experience. She is what I would describe as one of the rare little gems out there. She has changed my opinions on estate agents and I genuinely look forward to dealing with her in the future.

Fine & Country - Hazlemere


We saw 7 properties yesterday with 5 agents and Kate was by far the most personable, easy to talk to, knowledgeable and professional of them all. I genuinely liked talking to her and she did a great job of selling the property to us without us feeling sold to, or pushed. She also correctly identified the property we were not interested in and didn't waste her or our time pushing this onto us. In contrast we encountered other agents who frankly seemed to think they were superior agents and of course we would like their property, they didn't listen to what we were saying and seemed to think their property would just sell itself - not so! Kate was really honest with us and gave us a measured warts and all view that we appreciated. I really hope we can buy a property from her and would not hesitate to recommend her to friends

Fine & Country - Hazlemere

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