Sell your home with JNP

Get an accurate valuation of your property from our expert advisers 

Book an expert valuation 

Google ★★★★★

Rated over 4 stars by our customers

Sell your home with JNP 

Get an accurate valuation of your property from our expert advisers 

Book an expert valuation 

Google ★★★★★

Rated over 4 stars by our customers

Sell your home with JNP 

Get an accurate valuation of your property from our expert advisers 

Book an expert valuation 

Google ★★★★★

Rated over 4 stars by our customers

Sell your home with JNP 

Get an accurate valuation of your property from our expert advisers 

Book an expert valuation 

Google ★★★★★

Rated over 4 stars by our customers

The JNP selling process

1. Get a valuation of your property

The first thing to do is know how much your property is worth and then agree what you want to sell it for.

JNP will discuss with you the options for price positioning in the current market based on what has sold locally and what can realistically be achieved.

2. Get legally and financially prepared

Moving can be expensive and you need to work out your costs. Add up the estate agent fees, legal fees, removals and all other costs associated with your move. At JNP we work with Embrace Financial Services for our mortgage and life insurance products. Embrace are part of the same company as JNP and an integral part of our team in all of our branches. 

Embrace have the most extensive lender panel in the UK and access to more mortgages then other providers so there's no need to shop around.

They have a team of expert financial advisers who can help you understand your finances, the costs of your move as well as help you secure your next mortgage deal.

Embrace Financial Services

3. Work together to prepare your home for sale

We will work with you to get accurate measurements for your property and ensure we have the best photography to showcase your property to its best. 

Read more about showing your home 

We aim to prepare property details and launch your home on our website and all portals within one working day - seeking approval and sign off from you on all materials, pictures and wording.

4. Launch your home onto the market

The initial two or three weeks that your house is on the market are critical – so we will make the most of launching your home to the market and ensure we get you the best price for your home and attract a number of potential buyers.

At JNP we use our own website and branch space as well as both Rightmove and Zoopla property portals and social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter to present your property to the maximum number of potential buyers. 

5. Matching your home to the right person

When we launch your property on to the market we immediately undertake a matching process with our comprehensive and qualified database of buyers. Our network of offices has a database of 1000s of interested buyers and we will contact anyone whose criteria match your home. 

6. Showing your home

We can help you to prepare your home by offering guidance or access to approved maintenance contractors. We are very happy to accompany everyone who wants to view your home.

To give the best first impression to buyers we suggest clearing clutter, tidying and cleaning your home and try and look at it through a ‘strangers’ eyes – so hide away anything you don’t want people to see.

Find our more in our Showing your home guide

7. Keeping in touch

After every viewing of your home we will call the prospective buyer and ask for feedback on their visit and find out their level of interest.  We will call you to discuss feedback and any next steps.

8. Interested buyer

Once we have found someone who is interested in buying your property it is really important that we keep in close contact with you and them. Where possible we will appoint a Sales Negotiator to your property to keep things moving smoothly.

9. Reaching an agreement

Our Sales negotiators will be the liaison between you and your buyer to make sure that we get you the best price for your home, in the timescale that you are looking for and with any extra considerations that you feel are necessary to ensure a smooth move into your next home.

10. The legal process

Once you have agreed to sell your property, then the legal process of transferring the property ownership can begin. This is known as conveyancing. You can choose your own conveyancer, or for complete convenience, you can use our in-house team - JNP Conveyancing

At this stage of the process, there are two people who will be in constant contact with you. These are our sales team and your conveyancer. 

So that our team can ensure you get a smooth start to your purchase, make sure that in the first 10 days after having an offer accepted the following are completed:

  • Solicitors have been fully instructed i.e. all forms are filled in and returned to your solicitor including payment on account for searches.
  • Full mortgage application has been submitted or a date when this will take place has been arranged.

The mortgage applications will be processed and your sellers conveyancer/solicitor will prepare draft contracts.

11. Keeping things moving

Our Sales team will contact you regularly to keep you updated on what is happening and they will be in close contact with your buyer and their conveyancer to keep everything moving and reduce any chance of anything going wrong.

Your conveyancer will receive from the other party's conveyancer, draft contracts and on receipt of these will apply for searches and raise enquiries. When all searches and enquiries are satisfactory and your mortgage offer has been received your conveyancer will be ready to report to you with the contract ready for signature.

12. Agree when you will be happy to move

The very nature of buying and selling homes makes it very hard to dictate timescales, especially if there are a number of houses in the chain. We will do everything we can to try and make sure that we keep to any deadlines or target move dates that you have given us.

The more we know about your plans and your aspirations the easier it is for us to try and help you achieve them so please share these as early as possible. 

13. Prepare for the big day

You will need to arrange to move your things out of your current property. If you're using removal companies, then look for the BAR symbol which is the British Association of Removers as members are verified with them so you have recourse if something goes wrong.

Make sure to start as early as you can as companies do get booked up. 

You should also get quotes for buildings and contents insurance for your new property if you are moving.

Our sister company First Complete will be in touch to give you a quote and you can also shop round for other quotes. If you are moving to a new property, you will need the insurance to be effective from exchange of contracts.

14. Sign and exchange contracts

Once the contracts are signed, the buyer's deposit (normally 5 - 10% of the property price) is sent to the seller's conveyancer, along with the signed contract. This is known as exchange of contracts. You are now legally bound to the sale/purchase and cannot withdraw without suffering a loss.

15. Completion day

On the day of completion payment is made between each party’s solicitors. Once this has been made you will be able to get your keys from your estate agent and move in.

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