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Relocating with JNP

Moving to a new area? - we can help

When you're moving to a new area you want it to be as easy as it would be if you were moving in your current area. 

There are a lot of things to consider; what types of houses are in the new area? What are the average house prices? Can you afford something similar to what you currently have or are you looking to upsize or downsize? Where would be the best area for your needs? What are the schools like? Are you likely to be accepted? What is commuting like? Where are the amenities or services such as bars, cafes, leisure centres, parks or outdoor space that you would like to be near?

The Relocation Agent Network creates this for you.

The network is hand-picked by Cartus to work together to deliver expert advice whatever your budget.

Members are all selected because they are a leading agent in their area and can bring that personal touch to their services.

As we are part of The Relocation Agent Network we can help you get in touch with a good agent in the area you are looking to move to so you can get the same expert advice, local knowledge and service that we would provide. 

The service is free and all part of The JNP Partnership helping you get the next property you want. The difference is in the service, not the price.

The Relocation Agent Network

The JNP Partnership has been independently selected as the exclusive recommended Relocation Agent in our region. 

This means we work together with over 600 fellow Relocation Agent offices across England, Scotland and Wales, showcasing your property to an increased number of buyers and working together with the network to help you with your onward property search wherever that may be.

How you benefit

  • Access to buyers and sellers in over 100 countries worldwide through our Relocation Agent Network website.
  • Our fellow network colleagues share information about buyers and sellers moving into new areas across England, Scotland & Wales.
  • Promotion of your home through more than 600 offices across England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Support from a local expert who has been identified as a leading agent in their area to provide you with local insights and help you find the right house in the best area for you. 

How it works

Let's say for example that you are thinking of moving from High Wycombe to Carlisle.

With your permission we would contact a fellow Network agent in Carlisle who would then contact you to understand what you are looking for, explain the local property situation and answer any questions you might have about the area.

They can identify properties in the area that meet your needs and send you through a shortlist of properties – saving you time, effort and money in the search for your new home.