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Land Acquisition Developers

We always have a selection of sites available - from small single units, up to large sites of over 100 units. These developments may be at various stages of planning - from conditional offer contracts, right through to sites which you can start developing the following morning after purchase. Plus, we are also able to source unconditional sites if required.

Many developers ask us to write to landowners on their behalf as we are a well-known and respected company. This service has been hugely successful, with many land sales currently going through (subject to planning). You can retain us to carry out an in-depth Marketing Report to cover all of the local knowledge and property prices for both new and second hand homes, making your decision that more informed when it comes to making an offer.
Through the experience and expertise of our Land team we provide a complete land consultancy service to everyone - from private landowners to national developers. Utilising the knowledge of the planners through our architect contacts, we are able to identify potential planning issues and resolve them prior to an application being submitted.


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